Antony R. Littlewood

imageEmeritus Professor

BA, (Leeds), B. Litt. (Oxon.)
Department of Classical Studies
University of Western Ontario

Research Interests:

  • Byzantine Literature
  • Byzantine Gardens
  • Greek Palaeography
  • Roman Satire

Selected Recent Publications:

  • Michaelis Pselli Oratoria Minora, Teubner, Leipzig, 1985.
  • Originality in Byzantine Literature, Art and Music, (ed.), Oxbow Books, 1995.
  • "The Erotic Symbolism of the Apple in Late Byzantine and Meta-Byzantine Demotic Literature", Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies 17 (1993) 83-103.
  • "Gardens of the Palaces", in H. Maguire (ed.) Byzantine Court Culture from 829 to 1204, Washington, (1997)13-78.
  • Comments (invited) in SO Debate, Jakov Ljubarskij, "Quellenforschung and/or Literary Criticism: Narrative Structures in Byzantine Historical Writings", Symbolae Osloenses: Norwegian Journal of Greek and Latin Studies 73 (1998) 40-42.
  • "Byzantine letters of Consolation in the Macedonian and Komnenian Periods", Dumbarton Oaks Papers 53 (1999) 19-41.
  • "The Scholarship of Byzantine Gardens", in A.R. Littlewood, H. Maguire & J. Wolschke-Bulmahn (eds.), Byzantine Garden Culture, Washington, D.C., (2002) 13-21.
  • "Possible Future Directions", ibid, 215-219.