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Papers in Refereed Journals


Banerjee, A. and Percival-Smith, A. 2020. Post-translational modifications of Drosophila melanogaster HOX protein, Sex combs reduced. PLoS One 0227642 (PDF)

Galang, K. C., Croft, J. A., Thompson, G. J., and Percival-Smith, A. 2019.  Analysis of the Drosophila melanogaster anti-ovarian response to honeybee queen mandibular pheromone.  Insect Mol. Biol. doi 10.1111 (PDF)

Newman, C. E., Toxopeus J., Udaka, H., Ahn, S., Martynowicz, D. M., Graether, S. P., Sinclair, B. J., and Percival-Smith, A. 2017. CRISPR-induced null alleles show that Frost protects Drosophila melanogaster reproduction after cold exposure.  J. Exp. Biol. 220: 2244-3354. (PDF)

Percival-Smith, A., Ponce, G., and Pelling, J. J. H. 2017.  The noncell autonomous requirement for Proboscipedia for growth and differentiation of the distal maxillary palp during metamorphosis of Drosophila melanogaster.  Genetics Research International 2624170 (PDF).

Percival-Smith, A. 2017. Non-specificity of transcription factor function in Drosophila melanogaster.  Development, Genes and Evolution 227: 25-39 (PDF).

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Sivanantharajah, L., and Percival-Smith A.. 2014. Acqusition of a leucine zipper motif as a mechanism of antimorphy for an allele of the Drosophila Hox gene Sex combs reduced.  G3 4:829-838 (PDF)

Kanca, O., Caussinus, E., Denes, A. S., Percival-Smith, A., and Affolter, M. 2014. Raeppli: a whole-tissue labeling tool for live imaging of Drosophila development.  Development 141:472-480. (PDF)

Percival-Smith, A., Sivanantharajah, L., Pelling J. H. and Teft W. A. 2013. Developmental competence and the induction of ectopic proboscises in Drosophila melanogaster.  Development, Genes and Evolution 223: 375-387. (PDF)

Ukada, H., Percival-Smith, A., and Sinclair, B. J.  2013. Increased abundance of Frost mRNA during recovery from cold stress is not essential for cold tolerance in adult Drosophila melanogaster.  Insect Mol Biol 22: 541-550. (PDF)

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Xie, X., Hu, J., Liu, X., Qin, H., Percival-Smith, A. Rao, Y., and Li S. C..  2010.  NIP/Duox is essential for Drosophila embryonic development and regulates oxidative stress response.  International Journal of Biological Sciences6: 252-267. (PDF)

Moazzen, H., Rosenfeld, R., and Percival-Smith, A..  2009.  Non-requirement of a regulatory subunit of protein phosphatase, PP2A-B’, for activation of Sex combs reduced activity in Drosophila melanogasterMech Dev. 126: 605-610. (PDF)

Sivanantharajah, L., and Percival-Smith A..  2009.  Analysis of the sequence and phenotype of Drosophila Sex combs reduced alleles reveals potential functions of conserved protein motifs of the Sex combs reduced protein.  Genetics  182: 191-203. (PDF)

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Schwartz, C. J. E., Sampson, H. M., Hlousek, D., Percival-Smith, A., Copeland, J. W. R, Simmonds, A. J. and Krause H. M.  2001.  FTZ-Factor1 and Fushi tarazu interact via conserved nuclear receptor and coactivator interaction motifs.  EMBO J. 20: 510-519. (PDF)

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Guichet, A., Copeland, J. W. R., Erdélyi, M., Hlousek, D., Závorszky, P., Ho, J., Brown, S., Percival-Smith, A., Krause, H. M. and Ephrussi, A. 1997.  The nuclear receptor homologue Ftz-F1 and the homeodomain protein Ftz are mutually dependent cofactors.  Nature 385: 548-552. (PDF)

Percival-Smith, A., Weber, J., Gilfoyle, E. and Wilson, P. 1997.  Genetic characterization of the role of the two HOX proteins, Proboscipedia and Sex Combs Reduced, in determination of adult antennal, tarsal, maxillary palp and proboscis identities in Drosophila melanogasterDevelopment 124: 5049-5062. (PDF)

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Percival-Smith, A. and Segall, J. 1984.  Isolation of DNA sequences preferentially expressed during sporulation in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeMol. Cell. Biol. 4: 142-150 (PDF)

Chapters in Books and Symposia

 Segall, J., Briza, P., Breitenbach, M., Law, D. T. S. and Percival-Smith, A. 1990.  Temporal program of gene expression during sporulation in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeIn Developmental Biology, UCLA symposia on molecular and cellular biology new series, Eds. Davidson, E., Ruderman, J. V. and Posakony, J. W. (Wiley-Liss, Inc.) 125: 257-270. 

Refereed Review/hypothesis Papers

Percival-Smith, A. 2018.  Phenotypic nonspecificity as the result of limited specificity of transcription factor function.  Genetics Research International (PDF)

Sivanantharajah, L., and Percival-Smith A.. 2015.  Differential pleiotrophy and HOX functional organization. Dev. Biol. 398: 1-10. (PDF)

Gehring, W. J., Müller, M., Affolter, M., Percival-Smith, A, Billeter, M., Qian, Y. Q., Otting, G. and Wüthrich, K. 1990.  The structure of the homeodomain and its functional implications.  Trends in Genetics 6: 323-329. (PDF)