Beth MacDougall-ShackletonWestern Science


Professor and trainees at field site

Current Students

Chris Posliff MSc Candidate

Movement syndromes over multiple spatial scales: migration distance and exploratory behaviour in song sparrows

Tosha Kelly (website) PhD Candidate Songbird migration and infectious disease

Leanne Grieves (website, ResearchGate)

PhD Candidate MHC,  preen gland microbome, and chemical communication in songbirds

Melanie DeNomme

USRA student Geographic variation in innate immune genes

Rachel Boyd

Undergrad thesis Identifying generally-protective and locally-protective alleles at innate immune genes

Recent Alumni

Joel Slade PhD 2018 The major histocompatibility complex in song sparrows: immunity, signals, and mate choice
Matthew Watson MSc 2016 MHC diversity, neutral-locus heterozygosity, and overwinter survivorship
Yanina Sarquis-Adamson PhD 2016 Ecological and evolutionary interactions between song sparrows and parasites
Erica Lovett MSc 2016 Evolutionary genetics and parasite communities in nomadic songbirds
Heather MacGillivray MSc 2015 Natal philopatry in song sparrows predicts cellular vs humoral immune function