Beth MacDougall-ShackletonWestern Science

Graduate Opportunities

I supervise MSc and PhD students in the graduate program in Biology. Program information for prospective students is available here.

I am always looking for enthusiastic, hard-working graduate students, preferably with previous birding, field and/or laboratory experience. Most of my students begin their graduate studies in September, but January and May starts are also considered. Interested applicants should contact me by email, briefly outlining their previous research and academic experience and identifying the general area in which they would like to pursue graduate studies (e.g. developmental stress and song learning; mate choice and mating systems; host-parasite interactions; ecological immunology).

Biology undergraduates interested in conducting thesis research in my lab (BIOL 4999E) should contact me no later than January of their third year.

Shackleton (Endurance) advert

-ad attributed to Sir Ernest Shackleton

Word cloud of recent paper titles

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