Vehicle Information and Forms


When traveling on University business we are encouraged to use one of the University owned vehicles in Biology, if they are available and you are listed on the Drivers List housed in Corporate Insurance, (please note forms and copies of your licence come to me for approval and submission).

In order to drive a University owned vehicle you MUST  be listed with Corporate Insurance on our approved drivers list for the department.

To be added to the list the following must be true:

1.            You are on University payroll or are enrolled as a student of the University

2.            You are 21 years of age or older, and hold a full ‘G’ Licence.

If an individual will be traveling as a passenger,  in a Corporate vehicle, and they are NOT  a University employee, or enrolled student,  the Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risk waiver must be completed and submitted to me, prior to the trip, in time for us to receive the appropriate approvals.

Best practice may be to keep this reminder in the vehicle in a visible location, so that all drivers and passengers,  have access to this information each time they drive.

Alternately you can rent a vehicle, below are the guidelines in relation to renting a vehicle under the University Corporate Insurance Policy.

You must have a current paid appointment on the University’s Payroll System to rent a vehicle and register  the insurance through the University’s Non-Owned Auto Insurance.  To be covered under the university’s insurance, you MUST complete the on-line Vehicle Rental Registration Form at  prior to booking your vehicle rental.

Language below is from the website, I have also included the link for more information -

Who Can Rent a Vehicle?

The University’s Non-Owned Auto Insurance is applicable to University employees traveling on University business. The University employee must be a licensed and qualified driver over the age 21. An "employee" is one who has been appointed officially to the University as academic or administrative staff. Coverage is extended to individuals who have a current appointment on the University’s Payroll System. This would include Graduate Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants and Post-Doctoral Fellows. If in doubt as to the status of an appointment, please contact the Western Corporate Insurance office.

If you are going to use a personal vehicle for University business it is important to note the following:

The Western Corporate Insurance policy does not cover the use of personal vehicles for university business and with that our insurance company confirmed that the individual's personal auto insurance policy would be responsible to pay any claims - whether on or off campus.   The employee must discuss the extent of "business use" with their broker and a determination will be made if an additional premium or change in rating is warranted.  

In addition you should NOT be driving your own personal vehicle to do pick up or deliveries to either the Chembiostores loading dock or any loading area on campus.