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Mustang Market Access

Are you trying to apply for Mustang Market (MM) access for yourself or a student? If so, follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the Procurement Basics Online Learning Modules.
  2. Prepare your speedcode
  3. Send the request form and speedcode to to Debb Faulkner ( in the Biology Main Office.

Also, please copy your supervisor on the request. DO NOT send the request to the Science Dean's office. The Dean's Office will not approve forms without our confirmation.

Please note: Western Central no longer accepts pdf versions of MM access forms. All request must come through the PeopleSoft Forms.

Obtaining the Mustang Market Access and Authorization forms

Log on to Western Financials & Grants Online Form Navigation:

Once there click on the "Forms" icon:

Western financials home page

On the next page click on "Procurement/DOSA" icon.

Location of Procurement DOSA form

Fill in the form and remember to send a copy to Debb Faulkner (

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