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Film Resource Library and Screening Room

UC 1126 / 1126A 

The collection can be used for research purposes and class screenings, and may be borrowed by faculty and graduate students in the Arts and Humanities.  Due to the limited number of copies of any one film, we ask that titles be returned promptly after use.  There is a return slot located near UC 1126 that may be used at any hour the university is open.  Any titles that have been requested for screenings will be kept in the library for the duration of the semester and may only be taken out by the instructor or TA involved in the class.  The collection is comprised of DVD, Bluray, 16mm, and can be accessed through our online database here.

Attached to the library is a 6 station viewing lab, equipped bllueray players, which may be used by anyone in the Arts and Humanities.  Any title (depending on availability), can be viewed on one station or multiple stations (in the case of group work).   Since the viewing lab is a shared space, we ask that noise is kept to a minimum.    


Monday – Thursday 11-4 pm

Friday 11- 3 pm


Rachel Gunn, Film Library Assistant
Ext. 85730