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Arts Graduate Photocopier - AHB 1G13

To obtain a personal access code for the photocopier you must be an Arts graduate student.  You will need to bring your student I.D. to AHB 1G19 and speak with a staff member to open an account. 

Bills we be sent by the Dean’s office at the end of each semester, and must be paid in the first two weeks of the new semester.  Unpaid bills will result in a locked account, and the user will have no access to the copier until the payment is made.

If either the copier or your account is malfunctioning, see the staff member in AHB 1G19.

Copier accounts must be closed by Chris before you graduate, or before you leave your position at the university.

Copier Manuals and Guides 

Copying / Printing / Scanning Instructions