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Climate Committee

The Department’s Climate Committee is a body of faculty members, staff, graduate and undergraduate students whose role is to oversee and coordinate issues having to do with inclusiveness and respect in the department, and to work towards the establishment and maintenance of a good climate for all. The Committee is especially concerned with ways in which the department is a welcoming one for members of groups traditionally under-represented in philosophy. To that end, the Committee organizes events designed to foster inclusiveness and respect, and formulates policy recommendations to the Chair, the Undergraduate Chair, and the Graduate Chair as appropriate regarding those issues.

Present composition of the Climate Committee

Dennis Klimchuk (Faculty), Chair of the committee
Cameron Fenton (Graduate Student)
Elisa Kilbourne (Staff)
Carolyn McLeod (Faculty)
Jennifer Strickland-Tamse (Undergraduate Student)
Christopher Viger (Faculty)
Andrew Botterell (Faculty)

Minorities and Philosophy (MAP)

MAP is an internationally established group of philosophers from around the world who are committed to improving our profession with respect to both theoretical and practical issues regarding equity and diversity. There are MAP chapters in several countries around the world. Western’s chapter was officially approved on January 1, 2015, making it the third Canadian chapter (of a total of three).

For more information about MAP, please visit:, or send us an email at

Women, Underrepresented & Marginalized Groups, and Allies Strengthening Philosophy Committee (WUMGASP)

"The PGSA launched the Women, Underrepresented & Marginalized Groups, and Allies Strengthening Philosophy Committee (known as ‘WUM-GASP’, or the ‘Strengthening Philosophy Committee’ whichever you prefer) in Fall 2013. WUMGASP organizes activities targeted at issues relevant to the climate for underrepresented or marginalized groups in philosophy."

Committee Co-chairs 2013-14
Melissa Jacquart & Lauren Sidlar