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PHILOSOPHY 2030G: Philosophy of Science

PHILOSOPHY 2091G: Philosophy in Literature

PHILOSOPHY 2350G: The Darwinian Revolution

PHILOSOPHY 2370G: Science and Values



Jackie Sullivan 

Devin Henry's primary research is centered around Ancient Philosophy, History & Philosophy of Science. His interests fall into two main areas, Aristotle’s philosophy of science (natural science), and Plato's moral philosophy (pleasure and its role in the good life). Devin's recent publications include Bridging the Gap Between Aristotle's Science and Ethics (2015) and "Substantial Generation in Physics I 5-7", Aristotle's Physics: A Critical Guide (2015). 


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Chair's Annual Essay Prize 2015-16 Winner: Francesco Lucia for his essay,"On the Alleged Inconsistency of Weak Epistemic Egoism”, written for Professor Sullivan’s PHIL 3501G: Epistemology. Read more

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