Department of PhilosophyWestern Arts and Humanities


 Group shot of Philosophy faculty in Ivey Garden

Faculty Award Recipients

A&H Teaching Excellence Award (Part- Time)
Jennifer Epp 2017
Ryan Robb 2016

A&H Teaching Excellence Award (Full- Time)
Anthony Skelton 2015
Dennis Klimchuk 2009

Distinguished University Professor
Robert Stainton 2011

Faculty Scholars Award
Carolyn McLeod 2016
Tracy Isaacs Phil/WSFR 2011
Helen Fielding Phil/WSFR 2009
Samantha Brennan 2005

Graham & Gale Wright Distinguished Scholar
Corey Dyck 2015
Henrik Lagerlund 2012
Carolyn McLeod 2011
John Bell 2006
Robert DiSalle 2009
Lorne Falkenstein 2008

Hellmuth Prize for Achievement in Research
Charles Weijer 2014
Tom Lennon 1998

Killam Research Fellowship
William Demopoulos 2008

Royal Society of Canada
Charles Weijer 2016
Rob Stainton 2012
John Bell 2009
Tom Lennon 2004