Jim StaplesWestern Science

Current Personnel


Kate Mathers (PhD candidate; kmather4@uwo.ca)
MSc (Queen's, 2013)

BSc (Queen's, 2011)

Research: Inducing/reversing mitochondrial metabolic suppression.


Amanda MacCannell (MSc candidate, co-supervised by Charlie McKenzie; amaccann@uwo.ca)

BSc (UWO, 2016)

Research: Seasonal growth of brown adipose tissue in a mammalian hibernator monitored using water-fat MRI.

Click here to see Amanda's awesome poster from the 2016 International Hibernation Symposium.

Leah Hayward

Leah Hayward (MSc candidate; lhaywar5@uwo.ca)

BSc (McMaster, 2016)

Research: Anoxia tolerance of mitochondria from a mammalian hibernator.