Leaders in Learning: Publications of Faculty & Staff 2004-2005

Data Entry

All data entry resources can be accessed through this page.

Note: Changes have been made to the collection process for 2004-2005. Please read the section below, "Changes for 2004-2005" before submitting entries. Please email leadersinlearning@uwo.ca if you require any assistance.

1.  Guidelines for Data Entry
Changes for 2004-2005
Preliminary Draft Guide for 2004-2005
Criteria for Submission 
General Rules for Data Entry
Data Entry Options

2.  Data Entry Using Word Processing Templates (Word or WordPerfect)

3.  Data Entry Using Access Databases - this form of data entry may only be used for large numbers of additions or in     special cases. Please contact leadersinlearning@uwo.ca if you want to use any Access Database.

4.  Data Entry Using the Web
Web Form

5.  Data Entry Using Online Databases

6.  Guide to Field Formats

7.  Department Codes

8.  Need Help?

Changes for 2004-2005

Criteria for Submission

(If you are not sure that your submission meets these criteria, please email  leadersinlearning@uwo.ca)

General Rules for Data Entry:

٭ Please review all guidelines before beginning data entry

Data Entry Options

There are four options for data entry:

Need Help?

Departments will be receiving their Preliminary Draft Bibliography at different times. The deadline for corrections and additions will be provided when you receive the link to your draft page. You will notice that less time is being give for submissions this year because it should take less time to make additions to the draft than it took for the old process.

Please email
leadersinlearning@uwo.ca if you require additional time or any assistance.

For information or to send hardcopies of submitted publications please contact:

Leslie Thomas-Smith
Western Archives
(519) 661-2111 x88207


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