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There are two methods available to access the publications. You may download sections of the Bibliography listed by Academic Year, Faculty, Department and Faculty/Staff member. Or, you may Search the entire publications database using the search function available below.

The Bibliography lists only major publications. Years available online are:

  • 2005-06 


The Searchable version of Leaders in Learning: Publications of Faculty and Staff database includes all publications submitted in the academic years listed.

*Note: The WORDS you type may be from anywhere in the citation including: author, title, journal, book, keywords, or department, etc. Using "Boolean Expressions", you may type OR or NOT or AND if you want, or words that begin with what you type (then add * to search for any ending).

Search bibliographies from academic year:

1991-92  1996-97 2001-02
1992-93 1997-98 2002-03
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