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Data Entry Using the Web

Web Data Entry Form

  1. Place your cursor in the first data field "Your Name (required)", type in the name of the person entering the data in the form.

  2. "Tab" to the next field and type in your full email address. This way if I have any questions regarding your submission, I can contact you directly. This is very useful if different faculty members enter their own publications directly. These first 2 fields are "required" and if they are not completed the form cannot be submitted.

  1. From this point you may Tab down to complete each field, making sure to select from the "Pick Lists" when available.

  1. When entering data into the fields, please make sure you follow the format given in the Guide to Field Formats. This is very important, especially in the "Author", "WesternID", and "Editor" fields.
  1. When you have filled in all the fields necessary for your publication, click on the "Submit Record" button at the bottom of the form.  
  1. You will get an error message if the "required" fields have not been filled in. If this happens, click on the "Back" button of your browser, complete these fields, and resubmit the form.
  1. If you have completed all the "required" fields, you will get a message that begins "Thank You! The record has been sent successfully..."
  1. If you would like to enter another record, click on the "Back" button of your browser and either "Reset" your form by clicking on the "Reset" button. Or, if you have citations that are very similar (like different Chapters within the same book), you may wish to keep your previous record up and only change the fields that need changing. 
  1. Continue "Submitting" your records until you have completed your data entry. Once you have submitted a record, you cannot go back and edit it. If you have made a mistake, you will have to email me and let me know. You may also wish to email me at the end of your data entry to let me know that you have entered your records via the Web Data Entry Form.  My email address is: leadersinlearning@uwo.ca

Please complete your submission and forward your hard copies to:

Leslie Thomas-Smith
Western Archives
WL 140B (ARCC)

Drafts of the bibliography will be circulated for verification before publication.

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Last revised: 2005/10/13