Discover Your Skills


Identify and Apply Your Transferable Skills

"Own Your Future helped me make connections between abstract-sounding skills and the actual experience that I have from my PhD -- now I will be able to articulate my value a lot better" - Charlotte Nau, PhD student, FIMS

As a doctoral student, you develop many valuable transferable skills that complement your advanced critical thinking and problem-solving abilities; however, many PhD graduates are unaware of these skills, and are unsure how to apply them to career opportunities outside of academia.

Bridging the Awareness Gap

interview.pngOur Skills Self-Assessment tool helps you identify and communicate your transferable skills to your supervisor, mentors, peers, and prospective employers. 

Completing the Skills Self-Assessment helps you:

  • Develop awareness of your transferable skills.
  • Gain insight into your strengths and areas for growth.
  • Acquire the language to articulate your skills.
  • Appreciate the value of your PhD. 


Keys to an accurate Skills Self-Assessment:

  • The assessment is not a test. It is for your own learning. No one else will see your results.
  • Reflect on your current proficiency engaging in a behaviour/task/action.

After you complete your Skills Self-Assessment, you will receive a personalized report that summarizes your strengths and opportunities for growth. The report will include links to Own Your Future workshops aligned with the competencies to help you customize your engagement, and select the customized resources that would most benefit your academic and career goals. We invite you to use this opportunity to reassess your development, measure your growth over your time here at Western, and find new opportunities that might interest you. 

Have confidence that you will see your skill set grow with time and practice.