Own Your Future offers credit-based professional development courses (pass/fail) to provide more in-depth learning and feedback. 

Courses are open to all graduate students completing a thesis-based degree, at both the Doctoral and Master's level. Participation in professional development courses is subject to compliance with SGPS Regulation 9.0 (unless otherwise stated). Course completion may count towards degree program course requirements with permission from your department.  

SGPS 9103: Writing in Graduate School and Beyond

This six-week course will introduce you to the fundamentals of English grammar and provide you with the tools to write clear, correct, and accessible academic prose. Emphasis will be placed on the basic principles of effective academic writing and on establishing a foundation that will allow you to develop into a confident academic writer. You will complete a series of short assignments modeled on the lay abstracts typically required for grant applications, and give one short presentation. Offered in the summer term.

SGPS 9104: Writing in Graduate School and Beyond II

This six-week course will help you develop your skills and competencies in communicating to diverse audiences with a particular emphasis on communicating to general/non-specialist audiences. Students will learn strategies for effectively communicating complex, disciplinary-specific ideas to non-specialist audiences in ways that are clear, concise and captivating, and focus on refining their writing and presenting skills. Offered in the summer term.

SGPS 9201: Developing Leader Character

As a doctoral student, you develop specialized knowledge and expertise that is highly valuable to society. Yet, today's leaders need to understand how to use both their education and leadership to "make a difference" and serve the public good. The Developing Leader Character course aims to increase awareness of the Leadership of Self and prepare you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, assessment and reflection. When faced with dynamic and complex societal challenges, leaders’ decision-making requires profound judgment that is anchored in strength of character. Offered in the Winter term.