Our Comprehensive Curriculum

Discover Your Skills

Discover the professional skills from your PhD that enhance your career versatility with our online Skills Self-Assessment. Gain the language to articulate these skills to prospective employers and customize your professional development based on your unique career goals.   

Develop as a Leader

Immerse yourself in our Leadership curriculum, centered around Ivey Business School's renowned Leader Character framework. Cultivate the strength of character needed to shape decisions, drive innovation, and create positive change. 

Maintain Your Wellbeing

Nurture your wellbeing and productivity through our Thriving curriculum. Apply strategies to monitor your progress, navigate challenges, and recognize when help is needed.  

Prepare for Your Career

Gain confidence and clarity in navigating your career with our Career Engagement curriculum. Built on Stanford's Life Design approach, envision multiple paths forward to design a meaningful career. Leverage your unique strengths to enhance your impact and engagement.  

Communicate and Build Relationships

Master the art of effective communication and relationship building through our comprehensive workshop suite. Communicate your ideas with clarity to share information vital to your research and professional relationships.

Master and Teach Complex Topics   

Transform your expertise into versatile learning environments through our Teaching & Learning curriculum. Strengthen your ability to acquire a deep understanding of complex topics, and explore career opportunities where your teaching expertise is transferable. 



Preparing Doctoral Graduates to be Leaders in the Contemporary Labour Market

“Through Own Your Future, I feel more competitive in my job search knowing that I have invested in areas that will set me apart from other candidates.” - Josh Stoikos, PhD Student, Health & Rehabilitation Sciences


The PhD has historically prepared students for tenure-track careers; however, the global academic landscape is evolving. Universities worldwide now acknowledge the multifaceted potential of a PhD that extends beyond academia. At Western University, we embrace this paradigm shift, and recognize that doctoral graduates possess remarkable capabilities that add value to diverse career pathways and society at large.

Join us in redefining the PhD experience. 

Own Your Future empowers PhDs to navigate new and emerging career opportunities. Participants explore how their academic skills and strengths translate to diverse career paths to harness the full value of the PhD. Through our innovative career and professional development workshops, participants cultivate self-awareness and lifelong learning skills that foster lasting professional success. 

Our unique approach involves innovative self-assessments, strategic partnerships with academic and industry experts, and rich interdisciplinary collaboration among participants.

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