Hearing Aid Technologies and Outcomes for Adults Lab

About the Lab

The Hearing Aid Technologies and Outcomes for Adults (HATOA) lab examines how hearing aid technologies are related to outcomes for adults who use hearing aids, including preference, speech understanding, loudness, sound quality, and spatial hearing. The HATOA group of investigators is a dynamic, interdisciplinary collaboration that includes audiologists, hearing scientists, and engineers.

Lab Members

Susan Scollie

Susan Scollie

Lab Director; Professor, School of Communication Sciences and Disorders

  • Pediatric amplification
  • Hearing aid signal processing
  • Outcome measures
Vijay Parsa

Vijay Parsa

Associate Professor, School of Communications Sciences and Disorders and Faculty of Engineering

  • Speech and audio processing
  • Electroacoustic measures
  • Sound quality estimation
  • Handheld devices
Ewan Macpherson

Ewan Macpherson

Associate Professor, School of Communication Sciences and Disorders

  • Spatial and binaural hearing by hearing impaired and normally hearing listeners
  • Effects of cochlear implant processing strategies on spatial hearing
  • Active sound localization via listener head movements

Paula Folkeard

Research Audiologist/Project Coordinator

  • Adult amplification and outcome measurement
  • Product and procedure validation
  • Industry-sponsored research


Hasan Saleh

Hasan Saleh

PhD Candidate

  • Preference measurement
  • Hearing aid signal processing
  • Speech recognition measurement methods
Mohamed Rahme

Mohamed Rahme

M.Cl.Sc/PhD student

  • Measure of listening effort
  • Aging, Activity, and Hearing under Listening Effort
Andreea Hajas

Andreea Hajas

M.Cl.Sc/PhD - Health Studies

  • Effects of Covid-19 on the audio-vestibular system
  • Tinnitus
Syed Muneeb Alam

Muneeb Alam

M.Cl.Sc Student - Health Sciences

Lab Alumni

Nicole Willis

Nicole Willis M.Cl.Sc


  • Measures of hearing aid outcome


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