Industry Collaborators


Leonard Cornelisse

Manager / Lead System Architect, Hearing System Engineering, Sonova (Kitchener)

  • Hearing loss
  • Amplification
  • Signal processing
Robert Koch

Robert Koch

President / Founder, AHead Simulations (Kitchener)

  • Provision of hearing aids
  • Training of hearing healthcare professionals
  • Education of hearing care consumers
  • CARL development

Volker Kuehnel

Senior Director / Principal Expert Hearing Performance, Sonova AG (Switzerland)

  • Different aspects of hearing loss compensation especially rehabilitation with hearing aids (gain prescription, WDRC amplification, frequency lowering, signal enhancement technologies like directional processing, noise cancelling)
  • Algorithmic development and assessment methods
  • Google Scholar
Jonathan Pietrobon

Jonathan Pietrobon

Director of Research and Development, Audioscan (Dorchestor)

  • Developing clinical tools for hearing instrument verification through mechanics, signal processing, and machine learning
John Pumford

John Pumford

Director of Audiology, Education and Clinical Research, Audioscan (Dorchestor)

  • Best practices for hearing aid fitting and verification
  • Development and investigation of associated technologies and procedures along with knowledge translation of findings into clinical practice