About the NCA

Anechoic Chamber

Dedicated to advancing research to support the diagnosis and treatment of hearing disorders, the National Centre for Audiology is Canada's largest research and teaching facility dedicated to hearing. Established in 2001 and recognized as a Western research centre in 2004, the NCA has grown to be one of the most successful and highly recognized hearing research centres in the world. We provide research support for the millions of people of all ages who have hearing loss and we train future hearing scientists. It is the largest research and teaching facility focusing on hearing in Canada.

A Collaborative Approach

Coming together to form this multidisciplinary research collective has allowed us to tackle challenging questions about normal hearing and its development, better understand hearing disorders facing individuals of all ages, better appreciate and understand clinical demands and needs while we see direct application of our research. The NCA has investigators in the faculties, departments, and programs of Engineering, Anatomy & Cell Biology, Psychology, Otolaryngology and Neuroscience. We have deep collaborative relationships with clinical and industrial partners in the hearing technology sector worldwide.