The Masters of Environment and Sustainability (MES) requires completion of a four-month (minimum of 500 hours), full-time co-operative work term to complete the degree. The co-op work term runs from May to August and follows the first two academic terms; allowing the students to put their learning directly into practice. Along with the work term, the co-op programming includes a series of seminars through September to April, helping students to market themselves, properly prepare for an interview, and get ready for the labour market.

Past employers have hired students for a multitude of roles, from creating a greenhouse gas inventory to writing policies for procurement to social media and marketing of “green” initiatives. The MES program develops relationships with potential employers with co-op opportunities that are either field-based, in an office environment or a mix of both with a goal of developing opportunities that match the diversity and multidisciplinary nature of the program, the MES cohort, and that offer solid opportunities for skills development. Co-op employers include all levels of government, not-for-profit organizations, social enterprises, and private companies.