Sam Katz Community Health and Aging Research Unit

Achievements 1996-2018


“I cannot find this community expertise anywhere else.”

Stefanie Kuhn, MPhil
Architecture and Urban Design
Cambridge University, UK


Partnered with the Caregiving Research Laboratory (CaRe Lab) to expand research in the area of community health and dementia


Created the SMART (Student Mentoring in Aging Research Training) Program - pairing undergraduate students (Years 1,2,3,4) from different disciplines with senior scientists to stimulate creative and entrepreneurial thinking and research related to aging


Expanded our community osteoporosis education model to other chronic diseases - arthritis


Minto Foundation endowment to create the Sam Katz Community Health and Aging Research Unit


Formally integrated student training into our partnership


Invited, by the International Working Group on Patient Education andd Adherence to Treatment, to share our model 'Bringing  Better Bone Health to Seniors' Communities' at the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR) Annual Scientific Meeting


Invited Global Best Spotlight for our ‘London Seniors’ Learning and Research Partnership for Health’, International Partnership Network (IPN) in partnership with the Conference Board of Canada


Osteoporosis demonstration project - first ever senior-led RCT to test a senior-friendly, peer-led community education model to improve the treatment and diagnosis of osteoporosis


Developed a new phase, the Community Chronic Disease Model, a collective community (vs. self) management approach to chronic disease management with community advocates identifying neighbours at risk, peer mentors and peer educators


Cherryhill Healthy Aging Program cited by the Ontario Ministry of Health as an ‘innovative solution to meet the future health care needs of older Ontarians’ and ‘innovative model of coordinated care through partnerships that demonstrates improved outcomes for seniors without increased costs’ (Ontario Ministry of Health, Seniors’ Health, Research Paper #13, page 11)


Awarded Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) funding to build the Community Health and Aging Research Unit at Western


Cherryhill Healthy Aging Program taken up and funded by the Ministry of Health; continues to operate to this day


Co-created the Cherryhill Healthy Aging Program


Created a community-business-education research partnership model and demonstration site in the Cherryhill community, London, Ontario Canada