Sam Katz Community Health and Aging Research Unit

About Us

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Active aging is a global priority and communities are the foundation for moving from individual vulnerability to collective resiliency. Building strong communities to support aging at home requires novel new partnerships and collaborative synergy among key community stakeholders.

The proportion of individuals living longer and well into their later years has never been greater. While the majority of older individuals live in good health, in Canada the top 10% of older individuals have the most complex issues and account for the majority of annual spending on health care for older adults1.

We work in situ with communities of older individuals, with a particular focus on individuals who are frail, have multiple morbidities and are on the tipping point of losing their independence.

1 Sinha, S.K. (2012). Living Longer, Living Well. Report submitted to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care and the Minster Responsible for Seniors on Recommendations to Inform a Senior Strategy for Ontario.