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Poster Presentations


Grace Norris

The Continuous Learning Needs of Personal Support Workers Working with People Living with Dementia in Long-term Care Homes

Linda Zhang

Experiences of Newcomer Children and Youth in Canada Engaging with Education and Healthcare Systems and Shaping Occupational Possibilities

Adriana Sagrak

Communication Training for Informal and Family Caregivers of Persons Living With Dementia


Benson Law

Statistical Implications of Pimavanserin Drug Trials Published with Missing Datasets

Amirah Mobarak

Factors Contributing to Suicide and Attempted Suicides in Perinatal Mothers in Africa


Sachin Kharbanda

Engaging Caregivers to Digitize Outcome Measurement in Pediatric Speech-Language Pathology

Varsha Vasudevan

MindMAP: The Influences of the Mindfulness Ambassador Program on Graduate Students

Boshra Bahrami

Engaging Clinicians to Develop a Meaningful Digital Outcome Measurement Tool

Atharv Joshi

Primary Care Physician Engagement in Health System Transformation: A Review of the Literature


Olayinka Ariba

Mothering Through the Experiences of Homelessness with a Particular Focus on Child Separation: A Scoping Review

Olivia Crozier

Methods to Design and Test Personalized Mobility Programming in Persons with Physical Disability

Juno June Brill

Assessing Clinician-Perceived Barriers and Facilitators to Implementing the C-BiLLT in Canada

Agnes Mathew

Community re-integration of childhood cancer survivors in India

Melanie Dissanayake

Sustaining an Integrated Team-Based Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Management Program, in Primary Care: An In-depth Exploration of Best Care COPD (BCC)

Jessica Holmes

Responses to F1 Altered Auditory Feedback in Typically Developing Children


Juno June Brill

Creating an AAC Evaluation Framework for Children with Cerebral Palsy and Complex Communication Needs: A Scoping Review Using the ICF Framework


Keren Kankam

Stroke and Post-Stroke Aphasia Management in Low- and Middle-Income African Countries (LMIAC): A Scoping Review

Arman Hassanpour

Electroacoustic Assessment of Hearing Aids with Electronically Controlled Venting