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Oral Presentations


Sania Khalid

Experiences of patients and physical therapists with a hybrid-telerehabilitation Pelvic healthcare program- A qualitative study

Micaela Forte

Navigating ethical tensions with vaccine-hesitant parents in the pediatric intensive care unit

Madeline Doughtery

Exploring the Lived Experiences of Women with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder in Primary Care

Julie Vo

iBelong@Western: The development, implementation, and evaluation of an evidence-based social media campaign designed to enhance social connectedness among first-year university students


Bansari Patel

Short-term challenges in independent living for community dwellers after same or single-day discharge Total Shoulder Arthroplasty (TSA)

Megann Dong

Examining Individualized Participatory Approaches to Care for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Siying Luan

Cortical activation in bilateral prefrontal cortex during lower extremity sensorimotor tasks post-stroke


Julia Yates

Health-Related Maternal Decision-Making in the Context of IPV: A Scoping Review


Olivia Crozier

Enhancing Interdisciplinary Experiential Learning in Support of Gray Centre Programming

Rachel Reparon

Exploring the Representation of Intellectual and Developmental Disability in Occupation-Based Literature

Hannah Litchfiled

Secondary students’ experiences of online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic: A qualitative systematic review protocol


Rachel Benninger

Using Design Research to Co-develop a Bespoke Assessment Tool


George Philip

Understanding dementia-related stigma among racialized populations

Haylie Santos

Care Partner Report of Conversation Difficulties: Preliminary Evaluation in Primary Progressive Aphasia

Lauren Denusik

Interventions used by speech-language pathologists to support autistic children and youth: An umbrella review

Catherine George

A review and content analysis of Functional and Quality of Life measured used in Stroke: an ICF and IPC linking application

Lauren Straatman

Use it or lose it: The relationship between kinematic joint loading and depth-specific volumetric bone mineral density

Alexander Stephen

Engagement of family/care partners with physical therapists in caring for older adults living in long-term care homes: A integrative review

Katie Shillington

Leveraging Kindness in Canadian Post-Secondary Education: A Conceptual Paper