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The 33 ha site features a 4 ha area of intensively managed research plots, where the land has been fenced and tiled and an irrigation pond has been prepared.  These plots support field trials for the Fibre Flax program, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the Institute for Chemicals and Fuels from Alternative Resources.  The plots are also used for insect collection, and class materials and feed stocks for on-campus experiments are grown here. Recent initiatives at the station include the addition of a 1.5 ha naturalized area for use in ecological research, and the establishment of 6 large aviaries for bird studies.  More details regarding these field projects are provided below.

The station also contains the Sherwood Fox arboretum, an array of antennae for radioastronomy, and one of the largest taxonomic collections of hawthorn species in North America.  Other features include a 2 ha deciduous woodlot, a shade house, small sand dune and successional plots, artificial ponds and a stream. The remaining half of the site is planted with rotations of corn, soybean and winter wheat.  The station is staffed by a field station manager and assistant and is equipped with medium and small sized tractors, tillers, rotovator, spray equipment, irrigation equipment and typical small farm tillage equipment.