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Environmental Science - Faculty of Science

The undergraduate programs in Environmental Science at Western provide students with an interdisciplinary approach to studying and solving environmental problems.  Environmental Science modules are hosted by the Centre for Environment and Sustainability in the Faculty of Science, rather than through a specific department.  This reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the field and our academic programs - our students take courses as part of their modules that would be electives to other students in Science. Students completing an Environmental Science module, who are registered in the Faculty of Science, will earn a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science.

Because of the breadth of courses available to Environmental Science students, each student can take a unique complement of courses towards their degree in areas of science, engineering, arts and humanities, and social science. Students can also take complementary modules, such as biology, political science, medical science, geography, and earth science, as well as dual degrees in Business and Engineering, which enhance their Environmental Science degree. 

Our teaching is rooted in a strong base of environmental research at Western, and our students have opportunities to take part in this research directly, in the field or lab, during their degree programs. A broad conceptual background and transferable skills in multidisciplinary environmental research and communication give our students access to a wide array of jobs related to the environment, the fastest growing employment sector in the Canadian economy.

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