Course Information

The Following Courses will be offered during the 2019-2020 Academic Year:

Fall 2019 Courses

Winter 2020 Courses

Field Courses 2019-2020

For 2019-20, course offerings are expected to be roughly the same as in 2018-19, with a few exceptions.

The following courses were not offered in 2018-19 but are expected to be offered in 2019-20:

  • 3310B: Structure and Chemistry of Minerals and Materials 
  • 3320A: Environmental & Exploration Geophysics II
  • 3341B: Water and Geochemical Cycles
  • 3372A: Introduction to Petroleum Systems
  • 4001Y: Planetary Science Field School
  • 4458A: Special Topic in Earth Sciences: Mineral Resource Development
  • 4460A: Sedimentology of Clastic and Carbonate Rocks

For 2019-20, the following courses are not expected to be offered:

  • 1081A: Resources, Environment and Sustainability

  • 2130Y: Field Geography and Geology of Southwestern Ontario

  • 3312B: Genesis of Meteorites and Planetary Materials
  • 3315B: Metamorphic Petrology

  • 4423B: Applied Seismology
  • 4461B: Ancient Ecosystems

  • 4462A: Glacial and Quaternary Geology
  • 4472A: Applied Petroleum Assessment

*Courses listed on this site are subject to change. For official course listings please refer to the Western Academic Calendar and Timetable