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Journal Club

Western WiNS meets a few times a year to discuss scholarly articles that investigate the issues and hurdles face women in academia. Below you will find a list of the articles previously discussed in our journal club.

Special summer 2019 series of journal clubs

We are planning a series of ~6 journal clubs over the summer, focusing on the chapters of the book "An Inclusive Academy: Achieving Diversity and Excellence" https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/inclusive-academy

The first meeting (on chapter 1) is planned for Thursday, May 23rd, at 3:30, in the WIRB lunchroom (4190).

The second (on chapter 2) is scheduled for Thursday, June 13th, at 3:30, in the WIRB lunchroom (4190). 

Future meetings will be arranged over the rest of the summer, and we will condense later chapters.

The precursor to this book (Why So Slow?, 1997) has served for decades as an evidence-based bible on the roots of bias in academia as well as interventions to mitigate the effects of that bias. The current version has been updated, and at least half of the book recounts evidence for best practices and recommendations. With the focus on diversity becoming more prominent in academic life (in practice as well as on paper), and the recent announcement of the Dimensions diversity awards for post-secondary institutions (http://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/NSERC-CRSNG/EDI-EDI/Dimensions_Dimensions_eng.asp), we think this is timely.

We plan to have a short presentation before the discussion, for those who may not have read the chapter in detail, but we of course do hope you read the chapters.

You can access the book through Western's libraries via this link

Links to purchase the book:

Table of Contents:
Part I Why an Inclusive Academy Is Difficult to Achieve: Individual and Institutional Perspectives
1 Academic Ideals: What Keeps Some Out of Reach?
2 The Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion
3 Understanding Inequities: The Role of Schemas
4 How Careers Progress for Different Groups: Observational Data and Alternate Accounts

Part II How to Achieve an Inclusive Academy
5 Recruiting New Faculty: Developing a Diverse Pool and an Equitable Search Process
6 Evaluating job Candidates: Choosing the Short List and Treating Interviewees Equitably
7 Retaining Faculty: Building Community in the Academic Workplace
8 Facilitating Faculty Success
9 Evaluating and Promoting Faculty
10 Recognizing Faculty Accomplishments
11 Changing Institutions: The Roles of Formal Leaders, Informal Leaders, and All Faculty

Conclusion: Making Institutional Changes That Last

May 3, 2018 - Role of Gender in Faculty Hiring

When Two Bodies Are (Not) a Problem: Gender and Relationship Status Discrimination in Academic Hiring (2017)

The complex role of gender in faculty hiring. 

July 26, 2018 - Gender Differences in Recommendation Letters

Raising Doubt in Letters of Recommendation for Academia: Gender Differences and Their Impact (2018)

Oct 3, 2018 - Improving Attitudes Toward Women

Using implicit bias training to improve attitudes toward women in STEM (2014).

Nov 15, 2018 - How to Improve Funding Success for Women in STEM: Grant-Writing Bootcamp

Grant-Writing Bootcamp: An Intervention to Enhance the Research Capacity of Academic Women in STEM