Brain and Mind Institute

Graduate Studies

The Brain and Mind Institute is seeking MSc or PhD applicants in Psychology, Neuroscience, Medical Biophysics, or another related discipline for 2015-2016. The Brain and Mind Institute brings together 27 Principal Investigators from areas across cognitive neuroscience including memory, motor control, infant and child development, consciousness, music, perception, emotion, and language. These groups study function in the healthy brain, and how this is altered by acquired, developmental, or progressive brain injury, and have strong ongoing collaborations with local hospitals. The institute has state-of-the-art research facilities, including North America’s first Siemens Prisma 3T MRI scanner, 7T MRI, TMS, EEG, body tracking and sleep laboratories, non-human primate electrophysiology and imaging, and supercomputing. It is situated on the attractive and dynamic campus of Western University, one of Canada’s largest, with excellent recreational and social opportunities. Graduate students enjoy diverse training, and are part of a strong community on campus.

Applications for study should be made to the psychology, neuroscience or other graduate program, honoring the corresponding deadlines.

Students from outside Canada will be eligible to apply for one of four Western International Graduate Student Awards valued at up to $60,000. The award is available to students supervised by a Principal Investigator at the Brain and Mind Institute. Students should discuss nomination for this award with their potential supervisor.