Associate Members

There are currently 44 associate members at the Brain and Mind Institute. Click on the member's name to view their website.

Name Email Departmental Affiliation(s)
Brian Allman Anatomy & Cell Biology
Udunna Anazodo Medical Biophysics
Lisa Archibald Communication Sciences and Disorders
Lindsay Bodell Psychology
Corey Baron Medical Biophysics
Janis Cardy Communication Sciences and Disorders,
National Centre for Audiology
Derek Debicki Clinical Neurological Sciences
Sandrine de Ribaupierre Clinical Neurological Sciences
Jonathan De Souza Don Wright Faculty of Music
Neil Duggal Neurosurgery, Clinical Neurological Sciences
Barbara Fenesi Faculty of Education
Elizabeth Finger Clinical Neurological Sciences
J. Alexander Fraser Clinical Neurological Sciences, Ophthalmology
Rishi L. Ganesan London Health Sciences Centre
Teneille Gofton Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences
Elizabeth Hampson Psychology
Matthew Heath Kinesiology
Erin Heerey Psychology
Wataru Inoue Physiology & Pharmacology
Kevin Johnston Psychology, Physiology
Erin Kaufman Psychology
Haojie Mao Mechanical & Materials Engineering,
Biomedical Engineering
Angela Mendelovici Philosophy
Natasha Mhatre Department of Biology
Amanda Moehring Department of Biology
Lindsay Nagamatsu School of Kinesiology
Rajni Patel Electrical & Computer Engineering, Clinical Neurological Sciences, Biomedical Engineering
Terry Peters Medical Imaging, Medical Biophysics, Biomedical Engineering
Marco A. M. Prado Physiology & Pharmacology, Anatomy & Cell Biology, Robarts Research Institute
Vania Prado Physiology & Pharmacology, Anatomy & Cell Biology
David Purcell School of Communication Sciences & Disorders,
National Centre for Audiology
Yasaman Rafat Modern Languages and Literatures
Marie Y. Savundranayagam School of Health Sciences
Taylor Schmitz Physiology and Pharmacology
J. Kevin Shoemaker Kinesiology, Physiology & Pharmacology
Anne F. Simon Department of Biology
Marat Slessarev Department of Medicine
Rob Stainton Philosophy
Jackie Sullivan Philosophy
Jennifer Sutton Psychology, Brescia University College
Robert Teasell Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,
Parkwood Institute Research
Jonathan Thiessen Medical Biophysics, Medical Imaging
Chris Viger Philosophy
Boyu Wang Computer Science
Charles Weijer The Rotman Institute of Philosophy