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Nov. 15, 2012
Panorama Vegetative State Breakthrough, BBC

CERC holder Prof. Adrian Owen from Western University Canada talks to BBC News about his team's recent breakthrough fMRI scanning vegetative patients.

Mar. 12, 2012
Western's Brain and Mind Institute advances understanding of size perception

Neuroscientists from Western University have taken the all-important first step towards understanding the neural basis of size constancy or the ability to see an object as having the same size despite the fact that its image on the retina changes constantly with viewing distance. The findings were revealed this week by Nature Neuroscience in a study titled, "Retinotopic activity in V1 reflects the perceived and not the retinal size of an afterimage."
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Nov. 9, 2011 
Western researchers unveil “bedside” solution for identifying individuals wrongly diagnosed as vegetative state
Researchers from The University of Western Ontario have discovered a practical and cost-effective method for assessing whether some patients who appear to be vegetative, may actually be conscious, but simply unable to respond. Their findings were described today in The Lancet, the world’s leading general medical journal.
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Jul. 25, 2011
Centre for Brain and Mind Opens, Announces UK Partnerships
Recognized as a world leader in cognitive neuroscience research, the Centre for Brain and Mind at The University of Western Ontario will begin training postdoctoral fellows from three of the top institutions in the United Kingdom next year.
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