Researcher Profile

Barbara Fenesi

Barbara Fenesi

Assistant Professor

BMI Associate Member

Faculty of Education


Associated Websites:

Webb Lab

Contact Information:
(519) 661-2111 x88665
FEB 1131C

Research Areas

Clinical neuroscience

Cognition and behaviour

Imaging methods


My passion is rooted in understanding how the entire human organism (both the brain and the body) plays a role in student success. I draw on work from fields of psychology, education, health, neuroscience and kinesiology to identify intervention strategies that can promote cognitive function and mental health in typically developing children and youth, and in those facing academic challenges (e.g., students with ADHD).

My work combines both laboratory and classroom research to translate basic science into applied settings. I use a range of techniques including cognitive and behavioural testing, and neuroimaging to identify strategies that help students better focus their attention and consequently perform better academically.

The ultimate goal of my research program is to develop school-based and community-based programs that increase the opportunity for academic success across diverse student abilities.