Speaker News

Here we feature upcoming speakers of interest to the Computational Neuroscience community at Western. The Computational Brain Science groups supports speaker in the Western Integrative Neuroscience (TWIN) Lectures Series, held on Thursdays 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM.

Upcoming Talks: 

None currently

Past Talks:






10/03/19 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM WIRB 3000

Niko Kriegeskorte

Cognitive computational neuroscience of vision
09/26/19 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM WIRB 3000

Timothy Verstynen

Rethinking the computational architecture of basal ganglia pathways
06/11/18 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM PAB 100

Lyle Muller

Traveling waves in cortex: spatiotemporal dynamics shape perceptual and cognitive processes
12/01/17 2:00 PM Fisher Conference Room (RRI)

Benoit Delhaye
University of Chicago

Simulating tactile signals from the whole hand with millisecond precision
11/08/17 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM PAB 100

Farouk Nathoo
University of Victoria

A Potts Micture Spatiotemporal Joint Model for Combined MEG and EEG Data
09/22/17 2 PM Fisher Conference Room (RRI)

Federico De Martino
Maastricht University

Imaging the human auditory pathway at high fields: computational models and high-resolution functional and anatomical characteristics
05/12/17 3 PM PAB 100 Richard Blake
Deep learning with segregated dendrites
01/20/17 2pm-3pm Fisher Conference Room (RRI) Graham Taylor
University of Guelph
Dataset Augmentation in Feature Space
10/21/16 3pm-4pm Fisher Conference Room (RRI) Steven Prescott
University of Toronto
Somatosensory coding gone wrong: The origins of neuropathic pain
09/16/16 3:30pm Fisher Conference Room (RRI) Konrad Kording
Northwestern University 
Body vs world: who is responsible for my errors?
09/06/16 3:30pm Fisher Conference Room (RRI) Xiao-Jing Wang
New York University 
From cognitive-type microcircuit to large-scale modeling of the primate cortex
06/28/16 2pm-3:30pm Fisher Conference Room (RRI)

Timothy Lillicrap
Google Deepmind

Deep reinforcement learning: recent applications in motor control, playing Go, and implications for neuroscience.
05/13/16 2pm-3pm Fisher Conference Room (RRI)

Daniel Goldreich

The Bayesian Brain: A soft touch for perceptual length contraction.
03/11/16 1pm-2pm Fisher Conference Room (RRI)

Maurice Chacron

Optimized coding of natural sensory input


Fisher Conference Room (RRI)

Nikolaus Kriegeskorte

Deep neural networks: a new framework for understanding how the brain works