Affiliated Labs

This is a collection of principal investigators at Western with an interest in computational methods to understand the brain. Researchers in our core areas are associated with a diverse set of academic departments at Western including:



Research Areas

Research Areas

Jessica Grahn Psychology Neuroscience of music Music & Neuroscience Lab
Paul Gribble Physiology & Pharmacology, Psychology How the brain controls voluntary movement, and how movement is learned Gribble Lab
Ingrid Johnsrude Psychology The neural basis of speech understanding CoNCH Lab
Julio Martinez-Trujillo Physiology & Pharmacology Cognitive Neuroscience, Autism Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory
Ravi Menon Medical Biophysics, Medical Imaging, Physics & Astronomy, Psychiatry Development and application of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and spectroscopy (MRS) techniques Menon Lab
Andrew Pruszynski Physiology and Pharmacology, Psychology Neural mechanisms of sensory perception and motor control Pruszynski Lab