Sheila MacFieWestern Science

Past Lab Members

Post Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Melanie Columbus Establishing a protocol for PGPR inoculation of Arabidopsis 2013
Dr. Michelle Harrison-Belton Using synchrotron radiation to monitor metals in plants 2004
Dr. Steve Naftel 2002-2004

PhD Students

Adnan Khan Environmental fate of BACs (co-supervised with M. Ray) 2016
Melanie Columbus Plant-microbe interactions under cadmium stress 2013
Fardausi (Shathi) Akhter Translocation and distribution of cadmium in plants. 2012
Michelle Sweeney The response of durum wheat to cadmium 2004

MSc Sudents

Marnie Demand Interactions among Se, S and Cd in several plant species 2022
Spencer Matt Addition of S does not improve Cd tolerance in soybean 2022
Paul Boersma Sliver nanoparticles inhibit N-fixation in soyben 2021
Leily Kazemi Soybean root exudates and the rhizobiome 2020
Ezinne Ndbueze Phytoremediation (co-supervised with E Yanful) 2018
Sergio Dominguez Modelling exudation of organic exudates 2017
Joshua Frank PGPR reduce Cd-induced ethylene stress 2016
Ian Willick PEPC responds to Cd stress in Arabidopsis 2013
Nahed Mahrous Studying the intact rhizosphere of corn 2012
Hollydawn Murray Organic matter influences metal uptake in urban garden soils 2009
Bolaji Adeniji Differential cadmium accumulation in durum wheat 2008
Shirin Bahrami Phytochelatins and cadmium-accumulation in durum wheat 2006
Winona Rani Gadapati Phytochelatins and Brassica species 2003

Undergraduate Thesis Students

Lance Javier Microplastics, copper and soybean 2023
Guilia Clarizio Metallothionein-related genes, copper and canola 2023
Spencer Matt Sulfer and reduced Cd toxicity 2019
Paul Boersma Silver nanoparticles and soybean 2019
Hannah Nadler Plant growth-promoting bacteria 2017
Gillian Davison BAC toxicity in soybean 2017
Mark Libby BAC toxicity in garden cress 2016
Daniel Winnick BAC toxicity in lettuce 2016
Gabriëlle Zieleman Localization of cadmium in wheat roots 2016
Danya Nguyen (Jan-Apr only) Morphological reposnes to increased temperature and CO2 2016
Lucas Albano Plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria 2015
Bethany Hodgins Biomarkers of soil contamination 2015
Joshua Frank Plant growth-promoting bacteria and plant-produced ethylene 2014
Olivia Parisi Nutrition and cadmium-tolerance in Kentucky bluegrass 2014
Brittany Sadkowski Drought tolerance in Poa pratensis as influenced by nutrition 2012
Melissa Giamou Compost quality and metal uptake in lettuce 2011
Ian Willick Response of PEPcarboxylase to cadmium 2011
Caitlin Parker Compost quality affects metal uptake in lettuce 2010
Christina Quinn Transpiration and Cd uptake in durum wheat 2010
Pooja Sharma Ni and Zn accumulation in radish and lettuce 2009
Christine Tran Effect of cadmium on plant-induced changes in the rhizosphere 2009
Mackenzie Budimir-Hussey Identification of Cd-responsive genes in B. juncea 2009
Justin Kicks Suppression of Cd-sensitivity in yeast by cDNA of B. juncea 2007
Karen Thompson Predicting the uptake of metals from soils into edible crops 2007
Hollydawn Murray Localization of cadmium and zinc in soybean tissues 2006
Namrata Joshi Effects of grazing on Cd-laden plants on two herbivorous insect 2005
Jill Van Wallegham Effects of cadmium on nodulation in soybean 2004
Tracy Shute Phytoremediation potential of soybean 2003
Michelle McCutcheon Effects of cadmium on Triticum turgidum 2003
Kacy Johnson Using CE to separate carboxylic acids 2002
Jennifer Heidenheim Where does the cadmium go during sample preparation? 2001
Mariam Ghali
Metal-induced changes in branching pattern 2000
Anisa Omar 
Localization of cadmium in Brassica juncea 2000
Michelle Sweeney
Tolerance of corn to cadmium and zinc: importance of pH 1999
Iain McIntosh
Brassicaceae and phytoremediation 1999
Michael daSilva Metal-tolerance in Zea mays: developing a test system 1998
Alexa Seal Copper tolerance in Chlorella vulgaris 1998
Gerard Reyes Effects of light on clonal expansion on Labrador tea 1998
Michael BeGora Cadmium-induced exudations in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii 1997

NSERC USRA Summer Students

Ha Ryun Yang Interaction between compost and cadmium uptake 2021
Marnie Demand BACs and N-fixing bacteria in root nodules 2017
Amro Mohammad
Transpiration and metal uptake in durum wheat 2010
Pooja Sharma Predicting metal uptake from soil solution 2008
Justin Kicks Suppression of Cd-sensitivity in yeast by cDNA of B. juncea 2007 & 2005
Tracy Shute
Cd-induced P-deficiency in corn 2002
Michael Gretes Metal stress in Brassicacea 2001
Michelle Sweeney Cadmium tolerance and toxicity 1999

Other Undergrad Students

Jessica Zhao USRI project: Can S alleviate Cd toxicity? 2023
John Palmer BAC phytotoxicity 2016
Shagana Balasubramaniam Using PBPR to improve Cd tolerance in Arabidopsis 2013 to 2015
Lucas Albano Lab assistant extraordinaire 2012 & 2015
Joanna Konopka Effects of Cd on herbivorous insects 2011
Ian Willick General assistant and waiter of Arabidopsis seeds 2011
Mackenzie Budimir-Hussey Changes in gene activity in response to Cd 2009 & 2010
Trevor Pinchin Absorption of Cd to plant cell walls 2009
Christine Tran Plant induced changes in rhizosphere pH 2007
Pooja Sharma The transfer of metals from urban gardens to vegetables 2006
Justin Kicks Localization of Cd and Zn in plant roots 2004 & 2003
Andrew Jacques
Cd and the cell wall - FTIR 2002
Kacey Johnson Metal stress in Brassicaceae 2001
Maureen Carey
Making and using a cDNA library 2000
Uma Manchiraju
Localization of Cd in Indian mustard 1997
Michael BeGora Accumulation of metals in green algae 1997