Biology Graduate Research ForumWestern Science

9th Annual Biology Graduate Research Forum - 2018

Presented by graduate students in the Department of Biology, Western University
Thursday, October 18th & Friday, October 19th, 2018

Mission Statement

The Biology Graduate Research Forum (BGRF) is organized by graduate students in the Department of Biology at Western University. The primary mandate of this event is to provide a forum for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to showcase their research in biological sciences through poster and selected oral presentations. This research forum also hosts an invited speaker to present their current endeavours within the field of biological sciences.

BGRF aims to bring together students within the multi-disciplinary umbrella of biological sciences to exchange novel and exciting ideas. It is also our hope that this annual event fosters interdisciplinary collaboration, which enhances the academic and scientific research experience of participants here at Western (Conference Code of Conduct).

Keynote Speaker

This year's keynote speaker is Dr. Fardausi (Shathi) Akhter, PhD. Dr. Akhter will give her talk on Thursday, October 18th at 5:45pm in PAB 148.



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