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Western Heads East (WHE) is a collaborative program between Western staff, students, faculty, and African partners using probiotic foods to contribute to health and sustainable development. Largely through probiotic yogurt social enterprises, the program is established in highly underserviced areas of Sub-Saharan Africa to address HIV/AIDS, general health, women’s empowerment, and sustainable economic development. The first site was initiated in Mwanza, Tanzania, where more than 20 community kitchens now exist. Western Heads East (WHE) continues to work with local partners to establish probiotic yogurt kitchens in Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda.

The community kitchens are owned and operated by the local women and youth groups. The program’s African teams are comprised of local women’s groups (‘Yogurt Mamas’), research institutes, hospitals, universities and NGOs. The yogurt kitchens also act as community hubs for lay counselling, centres for disease awareness and as hubs for social support and entrepreneurship. In essence, this grassroots program has empowered women to contribute to the health of their communities, draw an income for their families, stimulate significant economic development, and has become a source of prosperity for their communities.

Getting involved:

WHE internship

The Western Heads East Internship Program is a challenging, dynamic, competitive, multidisciplinary and international learning opportunity for students to grow and assist with health sustainability initiatives in East Africa. Interns have the opportunity to practice sustainable business skills, collaborate on new kitchen facilities, promote awareness to Western University's community about health sustainability in East Africa, and receive a course credit.

Give a Financial Gift

Donations for Western Heads East support yogurt supply for those living with compromised nutrition and immune systems, business training for community members, sustainability needs for the local program, and student intern projects. Even small donations go a long way. Visit www.giving.westernu.ca for more information on The Campaign for Western and donations to Western Heads East, including additional information on ways to give.

Join a Committee

Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to join the Fundraising & Education Committee to make a personal, invaluable contribution to the global community and gain practical experience in a non-profit context. Please contact us at westernheadseast@uwo.ca for more information on how to get involved.

For more information visit: http://international.uwo.ca/whe/
Contact: westernheadseast@uwo.ca, 519-661-2111 ext. 86935