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Board Governance Review Task Force

The Board formed its Task Force on Governanace Review in June 2015.  The Task force has 9 members plus the Vice-Chair of the Board.  The membership of the Task Force can be accessed here

Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Renewal

The Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Renewal was struck in June 2015 in response to concerns about the effectiveness and inclusivity of the governance bodies and decision making processes at Western. 

The Committee's Terms of Reference and Membership can be accessed here.

The Committee is specifically asked to review governance at Western, with particular focus on collegial governance and the role of Senate.

Goudge Review on President's Compensation

The Board has commissioned a review of Western’s presidential compensation by a respected and well-known former member of the judiciary, Justice Stephen Goudge. The terms of reference for the review can be accessed here.

Call for applications and nominations for membership on Senate Committees

Applications and nominations are accepted on a continuing basis for Senate committee membership.  Click here to obtain more information.

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