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Students Neeraja Dharan: Adventures in Freiburg

"I distinctly remember my first thought a few hours after arriving in Germany: everything is on schedule. The trains and buses arrived exactly on time and left precisely thirty seconds later. Everyone was dressed in business attire, had no time to waste, and were set on getting to work..."

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Urban Noise: The Not-So-Silent Danger to Songbirds Urban Noise: The Not-So-Silent Danger to Songbirds

Could human noise be hurting songbirds? We know our consumption habits are changing the climate, and we’re seeing the results in drought and higher food prices. But it looks like our noise is triggering change, too, though we don’t know exactly how.


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David Muir (PHd Chemistry)

David Muir (PhD Chemistry) new director of NRC London Office

Metal powder is being transformed into auto parts using laser technology at the National Research Council’s London office, its new director says.
David Muir, who came from a business management position at 3M Canada, said he’s working with manufacturers in the city and region to improve how auto parts are made.

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