Faculty of Science

Our Services

Western Science offers a number of different support services from academic support and student health to accessibility and career services to ensure the success of our students.

Support Services Overview

Academic Counselling

The undergraduate student experience at Western is a hallmark of this university. Our outstanding academic support services foster peer enagement and connect with students across all departments to support them with personal and academic challenges from the time they recieve their acceptance letter to convocation. Beyond providing basic academic counselling our office also communicates with and adovcates for diverse student populations including but not limited to those representing indigenous, international, LGBTQIA+, religious, spiritual, and exchange communitites. We endeavour to promote the wellbeing of all our students as they strive for their academic goals and grow during their time at Western Science. Western Science's Academic Counselling team is available to help with you any questions you may have.

Career Services

The Science Career Services office, provides career planning support and job search assistance to students and alumni (including those in BMSc degrees). Services include job search skill development, resume and cover letter review, interview practice and general career exploration.

Science Career Services also hosts visiting employers for student engagement, provides career and job search workshops, and facilitates the Science Internship Program - all with the aim of increasing student awareness of potential careers with a degree in Science.

International Student Services

As world-class research university, Western Science is hosts numerous of international undergraduate students each year. Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, we encourage you to explore International Western and take advantage of the numerous resourses available to you during your time with Western Science. If you are Western Science student looking to study abroad we encourage you to Go Abroad and make your education a truly international experience.

Western Science also hosts numerous Centres and Instiutes that foster international collaboration between faculties member and we encourage all interested researchers to explore the Interational Research page for more details and take advantage of the Visiting Scholar Program available at Western.

Learning Skills Services

The Student Development Centre's Learning Skills Counsellors provide information and support to help Western students achieve academic success through individual counselling, peer assisted learning, and numerous self-help resources.

Learning Skills Services is for students who experience academic setbacks or just want additional resources to help maintain their exceptional academic standing.

Psychological Services

Western Science is dedicated to the well-being of their students during their undergraduate and graduate career. Student development services offers professional, confidential psychological services free of charge to all Western students.

Individual counselling, crisis counselling services, international student help, and specific resources for LGBTQIA+ students. Online resources are also available for immediate help for any mental health issues.

Student Health Services

Though your time at Western Science will be excpetionally rewarding; it can also be demanding. Staying healthy during your academic career will help you achieve your academic and career goals. Student Health Services offers many medical, health and wellness services and resources for undergraduate and graduate students.

The Student Success Centre

The Student Success Centre is campus wide resource to to help students reach they academic success. Our mission is to facilitate the development of career, educational, and life competencies for undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni through programs and services that guide successful transitions, foster local and global citizenship, promote leadership opportunities, encourage personal growth, deliver career resources, and ignite active engagement.