Human Resources

Provide Proof of Completed Training

Your supervisor may ask you to provide written proof of required training courses that you have completed. There are two types of accepted proof of completed training:

A. How to Print a Training Summary on My Human Resources

  1. Sign into My Human Resources with your Western UserID
  2. Select Manage Training Registration
  3. Select Training Summary
  4. Print using the print function on your browser.
    1. To expand the print image size, click on the left menu bar before printing.
      Menu option

Courses records are updated on My Human Resources on a monthly basis by the tenth day of the following month.  For example, if you complete an OWL course on January 8th, it will be updated on your My Human Resources Training Summary by February 10th.

You may need to provide proof of completion sooner, in which case, you can follow these steps to print a Course Certificate on OWL:

B. How to Print a Course Certificate on OWL

  1. Sign into OWL with your Western UserID
  2. Select the tab for the appropriate course
  3. Select Certification on left menu
  4. Your test results will display, click on View
  5. Print certificate using the print function on your browser.

Please note that the following records are only available on the Training Summary i.e. no OWL certificate: