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    In a 2012 survey, 87% of film students stated that Film Studies at Western offered an “enriching” and “intellectually stimulating” learning environment.

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    Michael Raine is researching the representation of bodily movement in anime such as Attack on Titan (Tetsurō Araki, 2013)

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    Tobias Nagl recalls meeting cultural theorist Stuart Hall (1932-2014) in his article "The After-Life of Stuart Hall. Why Hall?"


tobiasTobias Nagl

Tobias Nagl specializes in critical race studies, postcolonial studies, film theory and history, popular German cinema and silent film.  Learn more

Janelle Blankenship

Janelle Blankenship specializes in 19th-century optical technologies; early and silent-era cinema; German film history, European avant-garde and popular science film. Learn more

Joe Wlodarz

Joe Wlodarz specializes in a number of areas including American cinema history, international queer cinema, African-American cinema, film theory, television studies, and more. Learn more



Recently Film Studies at Western uncovered articles in Western Archives from forty years ago.  Learn more


Mediated Worlds: Sociality, Publicness and Celebrity

michael raineProfessor Michael Raine presented a lecture at a two-week summer program sponsored by the Kadokawa Culture Promotion Foundation Media-Content Research Project in conjunction with the University of Tokyo. Read more

Small Cinemas at a Crossroads

booksSize matters – this is how one could capture in a slogan the ongoing research undertaken by several Film Studies faculty members, who focus on the opportunities and challenges faced by cinemas in small nations across the globe. But when is a nation or a cinema “small”? Read more

The World Cup, post-Wall cinema and the re-rebranding of Berlin

Tobias Nagl reflects on the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in a special issue of Western News. Read more

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