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March 2016

"Voyages and Journeys in Antiquity"
2016 Graduate Student Conference
Saturday March 19, 2016
The Department of Classical Studies
The University of Western Ontario

"Language Contact and Identity in Roman Britain"
Rob Woodcock (The University of Western Ontario)
Thursday March 10th @ 12:30 PM
AHB 1B04

"Receptions of the Sleeping Hermaphrodite from Antiquity to Modernity"
Dr. Lisa Trentin (University of Toronto, Mississauga)
Friday March 4th @ 4:30pm
SH 2317

"The Real Housewives of Rome: Epigraphic and Literary Evidence for the Economic Contribution of Women"
Sarah VanderPloeg (The University of Western Ontario)
Thursday Mar 3rd @ 12:30 PM
AHB 1B04