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    Vindolanda Field School: Follow the Summer 2015 Student Blog

Meet Our People

L. Cosbert Letticia Cosbert, MA Candidate. This summer, under the supervision of Dr. Randall Pogorzelski, Letticia is working on a project that explores the significance of the hair motif in the Corpus Tibullianum, a text in which there are over forty-five allusions to hair--more than any other preserved Latin text. Tibullus appears to use hair as a means to establish a correspondence between himself and the characters within his poems, revealing a distinct dialogue hidden beneath the poem’s surface. 

Greene Beth Greene is a national speaker this year for the Archaeological Institute of America and is giving talks from the west to east coast in North America. She has enjoyed a tour of Washington State visiting Spokane and Walla Walla, the ‘wine country’ of the Pacific Northwest. Visits out to Providence and Winnipeg will round out the year’s talks. She has highlighted her research on women and families in the Roman military communities of the Roman Empire, as well as reported on current excavations at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Vindolanda and the enormous assemblage of Roman leather found on the site. Learn more


  • Vindolanda The field school students have been introduced to Vindolanda! Everyone arrived on Saturday and we spent the weekend getting settled. Today we went down to site for the first introduction to this fabulous place. It's chilly but as you can see the sun is shining for now! This week we'll visit other sites and museums along Hadrian's Wall, starting with Newcastle's Great North Museum tomorrow. Don't forget to follow us on the blog to keep up with our adventures and hear about student experiences:

  • J. Vickers Congratulations to Jonathan Vickers, who has been awarded the prestigious Crake Fellowship for 2015-2016 at Mount Allison University in Sackville, NB.

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