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    Congratulations to Drs Gervais, Greene, Meyer, Nousek, Pogorzelski, Pratt, Roberts, Steinbock, Stocking, Suksi, and Wood on their USC Teaching Honour Roll Award of Excellence 2014-2015 Awards

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    Welcome to the Department of Classical Studies Website

Meet Our People

KOlson Kelly Olson's research focuses on clothing and gender in Roman antiquity. Recent publications include "Masculinity, appearance, and sexuality: dandies in Roman antiquity,"in the The Journal of the History of Sexuality 23.2 (2014), and “The Roman toga : status, sexuality, identity,” in M. Masterson and N. Rabinowitz (edd) Sex in Antiquity: New Essays on Gender and Sexuality in the Ancient World (2014, Routledge). She will publish her new book, *Masculinity, Sexuality, and Dress in Roman Antiquity* with Routledge in 2016.

ASuksiAara Suksi is especially engaged with questions of intertextuality and reception, both within Greek literature and beyond. Her most recent research includes: “Scandalous maps in Aeschylean tragedy”, in Greta Hawes, ed. Myths on the map: the storied landscapes of ancient Greece. Oxford (forthcoming); and “The Mother-Daughter Romance and Heroic Nostos in Heliodorus’ Aithiopika.” AN (forthcoming). She is currently writing about the arms of Achilles and Odysseus in Homeric epic.


PogorzelskiProfessor Randall Pogorzelski is being considered for promotion to Associate Professor and the granting of tenure. Anyone wishing to make a written submission can do so until the File is closed.  It is anticipated this will occur by June 30.
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BMooreThe Department of Classical Studies is pleased to announce that Benjamin Moore, 3rd year Honors Specialization student in Classical Studies, has been awarded the Harry C. Maynard Scholarship for Study Abroad for his essay titled "Of Laws of Kings". Benjamin will be using this award towards his summer excavation plans at the Vindolanda Field School. Congratulations Benjamin!

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