Technical Services, Arts & HumanitiesWestern Arts and Humanities


Technical Services provides an array of services to the students, faculty and staff of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

Technical Services Computer Support

Services include: computer hardware and software installation, as well as computer and computer peripheral maintenance and repair. Assistance with departmental and personal web page design, multimedia programming, and other computer based tasks are also provided by Technical Services. Computing Services are only available to the faculty and staff of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. All such inquiries should be directed towards Technical Services.


Smart Classrooms

Also called electronic or technology enhanced classrooms, these rooms are equipped with ceiling mounted data projectors, computers, and VHS/DVD players. Laptop connectivity is available, as is internet connectivity (through the use of the rack mounted computer or wireless connection). Inquiries for the booking of smart classrooms should be directed towards your departmental office. Inquiries for instruction on the use of smart classrooms should be directed towards Technical Services. Please visit our smart room webpage for further information.


Film Resource Centre (Film/Video Archive)

Film Resource, located in AHB 1G19, belongs to Faculty of Arts and Humanities' Department of Technical Services. Its function is to assist students and faculty with study and research of any topics within Arts and Humanities where use of film and video may be required. Our archive is comprised of over 8000 16mm films, DVD's, Laser Discs and VHS tapes, all of which Arts and Humanities instructors may borrow for class screenings and research purposes. We have a lab made up of 15 viewing stations equipped with VCR's, and DVD players, available to both students and faculty. Two computer stations provide access to catalogue of our film and video holdings.

Language Learning Labs

The Language Learning Labs are composed of two computer labs where students of Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and other foreign languages work on audio-visual, and computer programs. These labs primarily support the language learning courses offered through the Departments of French Studies, and Modern Languages and Literatures.


Audio/Visual Equipment

Technical Services has a variety of equipment available for sign-out. This equipment includes video production equipment, data projectors, TV/DVD trolleys, digital cameras, and many other teaching aids. These items can be signed out in from AHB 1B09.
Please see "Equipment Booking" for more information.


Audio/Video Recording and Editing

This service is available in AHB 1B09 for faculty and for students working on course assignments involving audio and video compilation. The facility comprises professional digital A/V editing suites, a sound recording booth, and a multi-format copy suite. Instruction and assistance for use of the Audio/Video Recording and Editing services must be arranged in advance by attending a workshop and booking time on the equipment that is to be used.


Audio/Video Dubbing and International Standards Conversion

Technical Services provides audio/video dubbing services, including multiple copy dubbing and standards conversion (to and from all international standards fromats). We are able to make copies to VHS or DVD.