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kate_koryckiProf. Kate Korycki 
We welcome Prof. Kate Korycki to the department. Prof. Korycki is a comparative political sociologist interested in the articulation of identities, collective memories and group imaginaries. Her research concerns the process by which ethnic, racial or gender identities are discursively and relationally formed, and how the fluid and constructed identities appear as natural and fixed. To that end, she adapts the sociological concept of collective memory to the field of politics, and to the field of belonging; and she tracks how stories of the past are creatively manipulated, how they constitute identities, and how they affect who is included or excluded in the conception of the 'we'. Having spent half her life in communist Poland, Kate came to Canada at 18. Shortly after arrival she joined the Canadian public service. Her last posting took her to the Northern Ontario where she was responsible for the outreach and the delivery of the Common Experience payment - a troubled gesture of reconciliation between Indigenous victims of residential schools and the Canadian state. 

Kate is a consummate teacher. She sees the classroom as a space of exploration, exchange and shared reflection. She has designed courses on Order and Disorder, the Feminist Way; Women and Other Deviants under communism and capitalism; as well as a graduate seminar on Memory and Identity. Read more

miranda_green_barteetProf. Miranda Green-Barteet, Undergraduate Chair, Gender Sexuality and Women's Studies 
We welcome our new Undergraduate Chair, Prof. Miranda Green Barteet. Prof. Green-Barteet is an Associate Professor, cross appointed in the Department of GSWS and the Department of English and Writing Studies. Her primary research areas are 19th-century U.S. literature written by women and contemporary young adult literature. Much of her work focuses on the ways in which female characters transgress societal and familial limitations as they claim their own subjectivity. She has published on Harriet Jacobs, Harriet Wilson, Sarah Pogson, and Laura Ingalls Wilder as well as young adult dystopian fiction. She is the co-editor of both Female Rebellion in Young Adult Dystopian Fiction (Ashgate, 2014) and Reconsidering Laura Ingalls Wilder: Little House and Beyond (University Press of Mississippi, 2019) as well as the forthcoming Race in Young Adult Speculative Fiction (University Press of Mississippi, 2021). Her work has appeared in Girlhood StudiesCanadian Review of American StudiesSouth Central Review, and The Lion and the Unicorn. She teaches courses in Girlhood Studies, feminist and gender theory, U.S. literature, visual rhetoric, young adult literature, and speculative fiction, among other topics. She often brings her dogs, Ricky and Lucy, with her to campus. Read more


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