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wpearsonProf. Wendy Pearson, Chair of Women's Studies and Feminist Research
Wendy Pearson, formerly the Undergrad Chair, is largerly responsible for overseeing the expansion of Women's Studies. Under her leadership, the Undergraduate Program has more than doubled in the last five years. We look forward to Wendy's visionary and inclusive leadership over the next four years. Learn more

erica_lawsonProf. Erica Lawson, Undergraduate Chair of Women's Studies and Feminist Research
Erica Lawson was recently awarded a $110,000 grant from Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) to research Peace Huts, Gender Equality, and Women’s Post-Conflict Aspirations in Liberia. Prof. Lawson was drawn to the topic through the documentary “Pray the Devil Back to Hell”. The film documents the role of women to end the Liberian Civil War (1989-2003). Mass protests led by Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace played a major role in encouraging peace talks, and eventually putting an end to the war. In June, Prof Lawson and Women's Studies student Ola Osman headed to Liberia, Africa to conduct field research. We look forward to a summary of ther research and more about this important project. Learn more


2019 Fall Speaker Series 

Dr. Caroline Gonda, University of Cambridge  

A Singular Woman: Anne Lister in Lesbian History and Popular Culture

Often described as “the first modern lesbian”, Anne Lister (1791-1840) occupies a crucial place in the history of sexuality. Her remarkably frank diaries, running to between four and five million words, written partly in her own private code, record her sexual and romantic relationships with numerous other women, as well as her activities as a businesswoman, landowner, traveller and aspiring writer. Described by Emma Donoghue as “the Dead Sea Scrolls of lesbian history – they changed everything”, Lister’s diaries have fascinated and challenged scholars in the three decades since Helena Whitbread first published I Know My Own Heart: The Diaries of Anne Lister, 1791-1840 (1988). More recently, Lister has been the subject of a film, The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister (2010), a documentary, Revealing Anne Lister (2010) and a BBC/HBO television drama series, Gentleman Jack (2019), currently filming its second season. This talk will explore the uses of Anne Lister and her diaries, in history and in fiction, and the questions they raise about our investment in particular models of past queerness.


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