My New Year’s Resolutions—and How I Plan to Keep Them

A piece of white paper with the phrase New Years Resolutions on itWritten by: Emily Passfield, 4th Year Psychology

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Every year I try to give myself a couple goals to work on throughout the year, but like a lot of us, I often don’t follow through with them, especially towards the end of the year. Last year I started doing monthly check-ins for my goals to help to ensure I stayed on track, and for once I successfully completed most of my resolutions.

#1: Working Out More

In 2021 I stuck to my goal of working out 4-5 times a week for the most part, but there were some inconsistencies throughout the summer. To prevent this from happening again next year, I’m making sure I have multiple gym buddies to motivate me to be persistent. I think if I had friends who consistently went with me this year, I would have fully stuck to my goals.

#2: Eating Less Sugar

I have one of the biggest sweet tooths, so it’s been incredibly hard to reduce my sugar intake over the past couple of years. I always aim to get lower-sugar foods and drinks, and recently I’ve made the effort to get my iced coffees less sweet. To stick to this in 2022, I plan on tracking how many grams of sugar I ingest per meal and reducing this by a couple of grams every week until I feel that I’m functioning at my best. My dad and roommate are also attempting to do this, so the support will likely ensure I’m successful as well.

#3: Save Money

This is something that I’ve struggled with for years, it’s incredibly difficult for me to save money especially when I’m almost always in environments where there is an option to spend. To combat this, I plan on leaving my debit and credit cards at home when I’m going to a social setting such as a bar or casino, and I can only spend the cash I withdrew. This will force me to reduce my spending and consider the importance of my purchases. In 2021, I started creating excel sheets for financial plans, which worked wonders in helping me to spend wisely, so I’ll be continuing this next year.

#4: Eat a Full 3 Meals a Day

With my class and work schedule, I often find it difficult to find the time to have 3 meals. In second year, I was consistent with my meal prepping and I was incredibly healthy, so I plan on starting this again in 2022 to ensure I always have the time to eat when I’m hungry.

#5: Practice Better Self-Care

I tend to neglect my self-care because of how busy I am, so to combat this in 2022 I’ll be scheduling times for me to focus on myself. I often feel run down and stressed because I don’t leave enough time for myself, so I plan to change that to improve my mental health

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